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Brandy Nālani Ige has worked in the Hospitality and Polynesian Entertainment industry for over 25 years.  


A Maui Native, she attended Brigham Young University in Hawaii studying hospitality and tourism and immediately immersed herself in the industry.  Working in the front office realms of luxury hotels in Oregon and Hawaii.


She is the founder of Kanuihele, a full service Polynesian entertainment company on Maui.  Sharing her love of her culture, music and dance with the world.  Brandy has danced hula since the age of 5 and began dancing professionally in 1995, performing at various venues in Hawaii and Oregon.    

Brandy's culture and family play an important role in both her professional and personal lives.  The lifetime of experiences she’s had have created the path that has led her to where she is today.

Brandy Nālani

Founder & Creative Director

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